Monday, March 24, 2014

Late March race

A new week is here and our first fishing guests of season 2014 has already left us after a few days of fishing during the weekend. In my opinion, conditions were great for spring fishing since we had about 5-8m/s winds mostly from S/SW. Cloudy on Saturday and a bit more sunny on Sunday.

Results variated a lot where a few boats managed to catch +40 pikes on Saturday but without any really big ones. Reports from skilled anglers in town told me that a few monsters was caught though. Two pikes above +10kg and at least 3 above +8kg (all around or over 100cm) was caught and probably a few more that I yet haven't heard of. Great weekend!

Me myself experienced that pikes was caught on most locations but personally I didn't find any monsters. I did see a meter+ pike that followed all the to the boat, but the fish was to cleaver to be caught this time. A really fat pike of approx 80cm decided to hook herself into her back with my Buster Jerk. Imagine the pressure that's created when a pike of that size is fighting from its side instead of straight towards you. Like towing a monster! Unfortunately it wasn't a monster but hopefully a bigger one will see the inside of my boat next trip!

Almost every day now we receive new fishing reservations and it's really nice to have such an interest in the pike fishing business. For sure it's going to be a great spring at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing.

// Daniel Wickman