Monday, March 18, 2013

Guide back at work

Hello everyone. Monday and a new week is here. But for me it's not just a new week, it's the first day at work of the season! As you might have seen on our Facebook page, ice is still present in the surrounding area of Dragsö, and we really have our fingers crossed that the ice will dissapear soon. Since the ice is covering the area around our boat jetty, we have no possibility to put in the boats yet.

This doesn't mean that we're out of work though, all of our boats are at the moment being on service to work well when the season starts, and everything has to be restored from winter coverage. 

When I arrived to Dragsö and came to our garage, I discovered that our car has been pimped with nice labels showing where the car belongs, Camp Dragsö Sportfishing! So from now on I'm kind of convinced that we have the best looking car in whole Karlskrona, don't you guys think so?

From now on the blog will be updated more often since I'm back at work. Of course we will be updating with lastest news regarding ice situation both on the blog and on our Facebook page. I can also mention that we have packages available for popular weeks in end of April & May, both when it comes to cottages and boats. If interested send us an inquiry on

Stay well mates!