Monday, October 1, 2012

BGF summary!

As you might know, BGF was on this weekend and the archipelago pikes gets some well deserved rest since 533 anglers tried their luck in the region this weekend for two days. Camp Dragsö Sportfishing had two boats out on Saturday and one boat on Sunday. In my boat I was fishing with Andreas and former Dragsö guide Patrick.

First day of fishing was really hard. We tried many places and results were very poor. Personally I didn't catch a single fish on the whole day, while Patrick took 4 small cucumbers and Andreas had one small sample as well.

Second day started out almost as bad as the first one. I caught a small one on a white coloured pike fly in a very shallow bay. With hard winds up to 16m/s from west, we decided to outface the wind and went a long way out in the archipelago and tried our luck on the wind protected parts behind islands. A bit of the normal strategies, but it finally worked out!

Patrick landed a 89cm, and short after that we decided to park our boat and walk around some small islands by foot and this was the right decision. Immediately I landed a 84cm, followed by a handful small ones. Just a couple of hours before last check out time I made a short cast with a 6'' Relax shad in orange/black colour against a rock just a few meters out from the island. Big strike and the fish looked BIG since it had extremely good condition. At first we estimated the fish to be at least 106-107cm but it reached 102cm on the measuring stick. This fish deserved a good finish place on the scoring list!

Back at Dragsö we handed in the photos and could sum up a very nice 7th place in total of 533 anglers! Longest pike and winner of Blekinge Pike Festival 2012 measured 109cm, caught while jerk fishing with wading boots.

Now a few days of work is waiting to recover from long and hard days. On Thursday we will have 7 new fishing groups, and we look forward to hear about more great catches!


grattis till sjunde platsen! really good job! mvh Claus