Friday, November 11, 2011

Between Sea trouts and GoPro's


Soon one month has gone since I left Dragsö Sportfishing for this season. I'm all busy with my winter season work right now which is keeping me away from fishing quite much.

However, last week I took some days off work to go on a fishing trip with my former classmates from Sportfishing Academy. It has becomed a tradition for some of us to go almost the same week every year to Gotland for some sea trout fishing. Approx 80 sea trouts were caught during 5 days, 7 persons. Some nice samples over 2kg took our baits and joined for a short photo session before release. Not to forget mention, the biggest fish were a stunning 3,6kg silver torpedo caught by a friend of mine.

Enough about that... Here comes some nice news concerning Dragsö Sportfishing. Last week I bought the brand new GoPro HD Hero 2 camera which will give us even better opportunities to make more videos! Now we've got 2 GoPro's and several other photo equipments and hopefully a better editing program will be purchased so better videos can be uploaded!

This winter will be spent mostly with work but also with plenty of time on the ice to get new personal best pike on ice fishing! The possibilities are huge so take a look at the blog every now and then to see if my expectations comes through..

Stay well and tight lines!